Safety of Autonomous Trains

The focus of report is put on the automation of trains. The benefits of becoming more automated addresses many aspects, such as the safety of the railways, by for instance the elimination of the negative effects the human nature of a train operator can have on monitoring the tracks. But it also addresses the service level by being able to operate on a more predictable and coordinated level and maximizing the use of the existing infrastructure.

Nowadays more and more trains are becoming automated, but not without any problems. To go to a higher level of automation, a lot of changes need to be done in order to assess all the problems that can arise. These problems are containing issues with for instance the scheduling, but also issues regarding safety. In this report first the system of interest (SoI) is identified and defined with all its subsystems, components and stakeholders. Then the safety objectives are defined and hazards can be identified. When that is complete, for some undesirable hazards a way to control them is suggested and in the end the monitoring of the system is addressed.

Both the report and presentation on the above mentioned topic can be referred below: