Oss Rail Accident


The Oss railway accident happened on 20 September 2018 when a passenger train collided with a Stint cart on a level crossing at Oss, North Brabant, Netherlands. There were four children on the cart that were killed and two were seriously injured. Due to this reason, the stint carts were subsequently banned from use on public roads in the Netherlands. An investigation into the cause of the accident was required to be implemented.



A passenger train was involved in a level crossing at Oss, near Nijmegen in the southern part of the Netherlands. The investigation began by ProRail (infrastructure owner and operator) into the accident. The initial reports from the scene reported that the barriers and level crossing heights were working correctly. The Braakstraat level crossing at Oss west railway station has been the location of six accidents since 1975.


The investigation revealed that both the station and the train were both fitted with closed-circuit television cameras, enabling this footage to be used during the investigation. De Telegraaf reported that the investigation included the possibility of electromagnetic interference from the level crossing equipment affecting the electrical control system of the stint. Later next year, it was also reported that the drive of stint cart had been found not to have been at fault.


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