Bicycle safety: A supersystem approach to create safety for Enschede Bike city 2020

by Bram van der Wal, Everhard Westerbroek, and Seth van Wieringen

The six-step safety approach is used to identify the safety of cyclists. The system is defined using a safety cube, which discovers potential hazards that can cause failure. This lead to a supersystem approach for the remainder of the six steps. Literature research into potential hazards is used to fill in the FTA and FMEA for the most hazardous situations. These situations are controlled and monitored. To prove sufficient safety a dynamic design philosophy is created that is used to test choices of Enschede Bike city 2020. The case studies are the applications of the design philosophy. In the end it can be concluded that it is possible to structurally design the infrastructure for safety. The report and presentation are available through the links below: