Human and human-system interactions for railway safety

The purpose of the report is to give an idea about human and railway interaction and how can it be modeled to increase safety by reducing hazards which happen due to human interaction with the railways. Humans interact in various methods with railways and thus the study of interaction here is complex as it deals with different categories of humans interacting with the railways in different forms.

  • The report informs us about the system, human, their interaction and details about certain accidents.
  • Next it speaks about the safety level assigned for each function of the system .
  • Afterward, safety regulations for each function and sub-system is provided.
  • Based on earlier accidents , hazards are listed out and the ones which need most attention are analysed using Preliminary hazard analysis, Risk Assessment Matrix, fault tree analysis and event tree analysis.
  • Following this, there is information about monitoring safety with the desired safety culture mentioned along with the prescribed leading and lagging safety indicators.
  • Finally, Goal Structure Notation is used to prove the safety argument which has been used in the report.